Let’s Talk This Out || Luke&Charlie 

Luke was actually really nervous. Talking to Charlie on tumblr and then on aim had nearly killed him. He missed her. God did he ever. He just needed to be beside her, hold her again and kiss her. But his dad made sure that it never happened. He hated having that hanging over his head. He couldn’t do anything. He knew his dad had hired other students to watch him, to make sure he never approached her. But he loved Charlie and now his dad was out of town and his mom was gone. He invited her to sneak in to his room.

It wasn’t going to be easy. His room was on the second floor. But he wasn’t going to make her climb up. He was going to go sneak her in the back door. He sent her a text and headed downstairs. He figured his sister was in the house and though he loved her to death and it seemed like she liked Charlie well enough, he didn’t want her to find out. Why? Because there was a slight chance she would tell. Not on purpose, but Peyton did have a big mouth. 

The boy opened the door and saw Charlie there. He gave her a shy smile, bit on his lower lip and walked closer to her. “Hey,” he said lowly. He took her hand and led her into the house. Luke crept through the house. It was like summer all over again. He laughed a little, trying to make her giggle. Finally they got to his room. He got them both in, let go of her hand and turned to shut and lock the door. He turned back over to her. “So…you look amazing.”